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Born in East Berlin, Oliver Marquardt was first inspired to become a DJ when the 1984 breakdancing film ‘Beat Street' permeated the city's isolated music scene. Equally influential was the dance music he heard broadcast from West Berlin radio. After closely following these new musical styles – hip-hop, acid house, etc. – Oliver bought his own pair of turntables in 1989. This was right after the Berlin wall came down, providing fertile soil for the city's new underground music scene to take root, and by the following year Oli was organizing his own techno parties.

Although his illegal warehouse parties (complete with 50k-watt laser lights) were noteworthy in themselves, Oli forged ahead as one of the first German DJs to establish a nationwide presence. DJ Jauche, as he was known, began a residency at Berlin's legendary Walfisch club, and also played regularly at Tresor and Planet. By the mid-90s he had presented his unique style throughout Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, Hungary, and Malaysia, on top of the countless clubs and events in his homeland.

Still, while the rest of the world associated Germany with its stark techno output, DJ Jauche nurtured a parallel space for deep house sounds to evolve. In 1998 he launched Jetstream, a small-scale record label of his own. For the 1999 edition of the annual summer festival Loveparade, under the alias Jack Flash, Oliver prepared a re-edit of the disco classic “Love is in the Air” and pressed 500 white label copies. When the track became an underground hit, he approached the production team Milk & Sugar (who ran the label of the same name) for advice on giving it a bigger release. Without Oliver's knowledge, and with a bigger budget, they appointed the track's original singer John Paul Young to record new vocals for their own version of the track, which received a worldwide major label re-release in 2001 accompanied by a music video. Frustratingly, Jack Flash did not receive proper due, but since his passion was for the music and not the money, nothing could diminish his commitment.

During these early days of the new millennium, DJ Jauche continued to develop Berlin's thriving techno scene, throwing parties with his friends at the infamous Ost-Gut, hiring his brother Sven to work the door. (Nowadays Sven can be seen guarding the entrance to the palatial Berghain/Panoramabar.) Meanwhile, he debuted his new project Robin Masters Orchestra to showcase his own productions paired with various guest vocalists. He also continued to champion deep house with the Extreme Couching mix CD series released on DJ-Sets, now on its fourth edition. In his studio, he stayed busy working with co-producer Björn Brandt, releasing not only as Jack Flash but also the newer alias Machomovers, best known for their club hit “Jaegermeister” from the 2003 album Sexy on Sonntag Music. Around this time Oliver expanded his repertoire by producing, mixing and arranging Deutsch Amerikansiche Freundschaft's 15 Neue DAF Lieder, the band's first album in almost two decades. Over the years DJ Jauche has also completed numerous remixes, including for the seminal German punk band Die Ärzte, NYC rave pioneer Frankie Bones, and fellow Berliner Marusha.

In 2004, DJ Jauche began hosting his own radio show Sophisticated House on Nova Radio Munich and had a recurring DJ night at Berlin's elegant Spindler & Klatt in addition to playing throughout Europe. In 2006 the second Machomovers album Bare, Deep and Long appeared, plus a new mix compilation Casual Moods featuring German deep house producers, as well as Oliver's new label Appeal Musique. Tracks from both the label's first two releases were licensed by Ibiza's Café del Mar. 2008 will bring the label's third release, a fifth installment of Extreme Couching is also on the way, and a follow-up to Casual Moods.

DJ Jauche AKA Jack Flash
1998 Sane 12” (Jetstream Records)
1999 Love is in the Air 12” (Jetstream Records)
2000 Extreme Couching Part I CD (DJ-Sets)
2001 Love is in the Air 12” (Kosmo Records)
2001 Love is in the Air – Jack Flash Remixes 12” (Kosmo Records)
2001 Extreme Couching Part II mix CD (DJ-Sets)
2002 Extreme Couching Part III mix CD (DJ-Sets)
2002 Feel So Alive 12” (Luxury House/UCMG)
2004 Extreme Couching Part IV mix CD (DJ-Sets)
2006 Room Division Vol. 1: Casual Moods mix CD (Sonntag Music)
2008 Babarama No.1: Premium Modemesse Berlin mix CD (Appeal Musique)

2000 Die Ärzte – “Rock ‘n' Roll Übermensch” (Hot Action/Universal/BMG)
2000 DJ Gangsta – “G. Paradise” (Kiddaz.FM)
2001 Frankie Bones – “My House is your House”
2002 Machomovers – “This House is Mine” (Boost)
2002 Felix Rennefeld – “Game Over” (Funkhaus Music)
2003 Marusha – “Cha-Cha-Maharadcha” (PingPongProd)
2004 Alice in Videoland – “______” with Gabi Delgado
2004 Silo – “Look Out Kid” with robert görl
2006 Sphere - jack flash rmx ( global flame rec )

2009 funky babe - RMO rmx 2009 Dubdiver - RMO rmx Robin Masters Orchestra
2001 Illusion 12” with Panay Brookes(Circuit Music)
2001 You Want to Know Me 12” (Circuit Music)
2006 Drifting 12” (Appeal Musique)
2007 Need Me ( with Desney Bailey )
2008 linha boys - funky baby - robin mastrers orchstra..s floating rmx

2001 Night Dimensions 12” (Komfort Musik)
2002 Jaegermeister 12” (Sonntag Music)
2002 Turn the Tide 12” (Sonntag Music)
2003 Feel it! 12” (Sonntag Music)
2003 Sexy CD (Sonntag Music)
2004 House the Music 12” (Sonntag Music)
2005 We Love Music 12” (Sonntag Music)
2006 Bare, Deep and Long 2xCD (Sonntag Music)
2002 Salt & Soda – “This House is Mine” (Supa Troopa)
2003 The Faction – “Leben und Sterben” (Funkhaus Music)
2005 Trick & Kubic – “High” (Sonntag Music)
2005 Oliver $ - “Wednesday Jazzclub” (Grand Petrol Recordings)
2007 Chubby Dubz – “See It Thru” (Appeal Musique)
2008 ZlemTree (AKA Tyree Cooper) – “I.C.U.” (Supa Dupa Records)

Other production:
2003 Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft – 15 Neue DAF Lieder (Universal)
2004 Gabi Delgado – solo album (Sony)
2005 Telemen – “Live it Up”
2005 NR-W –Hurtado/Delgado
2005 DJ Sebrok
2006 Robin Masters Orchestra – Drifting 12” (Appeal Musique)
2006 Heinz Rilke – In der Großen Stadt
2006 Fame and Glory
2008 Desney Bailey – meant to be

tracks appears on

luxury house
ibiza house sessions
cafe del mar
strandhouse 3
playhouse 4
caipirinha mix 3
ministry of house 4
strip joint grooves
electronic love affair
the sunset lounge
villa mercedes senses
volume ginger
the sunset lounge - stavedo
lazy 2 life az you like it
laissez faire lounge
i love house
party kracher – mega fete
pioneer – the album vol. 2
party now vol. 1
passion lounge 2
Dj club
Bread and butter vol 1
Terry lee bronw jr.-selected temixes 2
Strand house 3
Smooth – vocal edition
Thaifoon compilation
Shan rahimkhan
Ceeed compilation
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Passion lounge vol. 2
Extra lounge classics vol. 2
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Sunset Chill & Beach House Vol. 2

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