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Under the name of Lissat & Voltaxx hide no others than the well known producers Jens Lissat and Marco Wolters. They already worked together for several projects over the years. Since 2006 they release under their alias "Lissat & Voltaxx". Their former tracks and remixes were released on trendbreaking labels like Toolroom Rec., Opaque Music, Scream & Shout or Ministry Of Sound. The "L & V"-style varies between Elektro House , Tech-House and Techno.

Jens Lissat doesn't really need an introduction; insiders call him the " godfather of techno". His eclectic career started years ago with clubanthems like "Who is Elvis","Energy Flow Eternal, "You Can't Escape", "The Future", "I can fly", and his biggest success, the Interactive remake "Forever Young", which still graces his studio in the form of a golden record. If "dirty Lissat" counts it right he calls more than 300 releases his own.

Voltaxx describes himself as a tireless studio buff, notorious record-collector, dedicated perfectionist and full-blown vegetarian. He is quite taken by vocal tracks with smooth beats; he likes to combine those with a highwire-walk between House, Minimal and Electro, never willing to permanantly side with just one style. His most popular Remix of Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction" has caused quite a stir among the disciples of Electro-House and in the clubs allover the place. It is part of Voltaxx philosophy to seek the inspiration of small, top-of-the-line clubs with transcending ambience in order to freeze-frame that experience in the studio.


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