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Music was for Sheyne always a subject. Indeed, however, earlier things like football were even more important. This changed at the age of 16 than he first got in touch with a turntable. Before that he already tried himself as a rapper and producer. Then from the black horse has not been left, however, any more a lot.

Write except the texts and the love to the music. After a project with a friendly DJ Sheyne found his appeal in the electronical music. Now thus he shown himself already for many years also numerous own pieces in those he over and over again anew increased and sat down new graduations. He would describe his style as a mix of House, Electro and a Minimal Groove in the back. Meanwhile he can also register the first releases on Geyser Recordings. Only a few month after his first release he started as A&R Manager at the same label. In summer, 2007 the idea of the compilation series "Geyser Tech" was founded by Sheyne and labelhead Riad Michael which should offer to artists in the little mashes Techno, Electro, House as well as Minimal.

These releases should be a platform for their own productions and vision of their music as well as for other artists. Furthermore Sheyne writes Reviews, interviews etc. for housefloor webmag and became a member of the Spacelounge Bookings Agency (SAMBA). He processes inquiries as well as Reviews under In his sets you can also find this special and powerful mix of different Styles which he brings together to something very new.


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