DJs & Live PA
Pioneers & Veterans (4 acts)  

Miles Dyson - Founder of Electro House
Jesse Saunders - Originator of House
Ralf GUM - Germany's Number One in House
Robert Leiner - Techno Veteran

'The Presidents of House'  
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Ralf GUM & Jesse Saunders

'Pioneers of House' (3 acts)  

Ralf GUM, DJ Jauche & Jesse Saunders

'Premier DJanes Of The World' (up to 6 acts)  

DJ Cookie (Taiwan)
Miss Babayaga (Italy/USA/Jamaica)
Nicole Maiden (UK)
Vanina Buniak (Argentina)
DJ Monik (Costa Rica)
DJ Anaëlle (Belgium)

'Electro Nation' (up to 7 acts)  
Miles Dyson
Supreme Sluts
Aaren San
Mr. Jay & T
Hardy Hard
Robaer & Beatnut5
Tobz & Da Boogieboys
'International Electro House' (up to 7 acts)  

Miles Dyson, Supreme Sluts, Aaren San, Tobz & Da Boogieboys, Costello, MKM & GBX, Hardy Hard

'Munich House Mafia' (up to 6 acts)  
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Robaer & Beatnut5
The Cleaners
Sandra Gold
Johannes Weiß

'Spacelounge Techno Bash' (up to 12 acts)  

Robert Leiner, Hakan Ludvigson, Stivo, Air Liquide, Vanina Buniak, Alvinho L. Noise, Shin Nishimura, Alex Bau, Pierre Deutschmann, Alex Flatner and/or Claus Bachor

'Spacelounge Soul House' (up to 6 acts)  

Ralf GUM, Jesse Saunders, Demarkus Lewis, DJ Jewelz, Machomovers LIVE and/or DJ Jauche

'Swedish Techno Mafia' (2 acts)
Robert Leiner & Hakan Ludvigson
'Brazilian Techno Fest' (2 acts)  

MKM & GBX, Alvinho L. Noise

'Sound of South-America' (up to 4 acts)  

MKM & GBX, Alvinho L. Noise, Vanina Buniak, DJ Monik

'Plasmapool Label Night' (up to 8 acts)

Miles Dyson, Supreme Sluts, Stivo, Aaren San, Tobz & Da Boogieboys, Costello, MKM & GBX and/or Hardy Hard

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